Senior Financial Leader

Washington, DC, United States

Ashoka is seeking a seasoned entrepreneur driven to lead the citizen sector’s financial transformation. If you are hungry to put your innovative financial skills to work in collaborating with cross-continental partners, think of Ashoka as your platform to drive high impact change.

 Ashoka is a movement-making organization dedicated to achieving an Everyone a Changemaker™ world. As a pioneer of social entrepreneurship, Ashoka galvanizes the largest and most prominent network of leading social entrepreneurs—revolutionary innovators solving society’s most intractable problems. Over its 30-year history, Ashoka has elected more than 3,000 such individuals from every continent to become Ashoka Fellows. By isolating key trends across its network, Ashoka identifies opportunities for world-changing coalition building, uniting Fellows and strategic partners to catalyze pattern change.

 Ashoka Fellows work at the systemic level to shift paradigms and achieve outcomes that move beyond direct service. As members of a network spanning 75+ countries, they:

  • Identify barriers and design streamlined approaches to complex, multi-stakeholder problems
  • Partner with individuals, organizations, and governments to achieve unprecedented and innovative win-wins
  • Exemplify the tenacity, bravery, creativity, and trust needed to move from ideation to on-the-ground impact 

The way in which Ashoka Fellows address multi-faceted social challenges offers insight into the type of creative problem solving that Ashoka leaders must exercise at the organizational level. Like Ashoka Fellows, our Senior Financial Leader will envision the world as it can be, empower a team-of-teams to achieve such a vision, and ensure Ashoka’s long-term success.

 Ashoka’s future Senior Financial Leader will have driven forward impactful financial solutions and be widely recognized by peers as an empowering thought leader. A continual innovator, this individual will be challenged to share the new financial architecture of Ashoka and of the social sector at large. He or she will work in Arlington, Virginia alongside Ashoka’s founder and CEO, Bill Drayton; President, Diana Wells; and with a global network of internal leaders across offices in 30 countries, the Ashoka board, and key funders. He/she will recognize themselves as an entrepreneurial leaders with a proven track record of authoring new and creative ideas, whose impact on the marketplace is already clearly known and recognized.

 He or she will have the opportunity to:

  • Expand a proven and successful business model at least five-fold over the next five years
  • Spot and leverage global patterns for historical change across Ashoka’s global network of historic innovators
  • Make a significant mark on the history of the citizen sector

 He or she will be challenged to:

  • Usher in a new financial architecture necessary for Ashoka’s future success
  • Partner with the Leadership Team to build out 6-7 regional hubs, which will serve as vibrant digital and interpersonal launching points for Ashoka’s many team members
  • Collaborate with diverse, interregional stakeholders to maintain a clear view of global, programmatic, and regional shared goals

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